Towards a Wise Culture (CD-ROM)




Towards a Wise Culture: Four Classic Futures Texts, Richard A Slaughter, Foresight International, 2005, CD-ROM

The purpose of this CD-ROM is to make available four key futures texts, along with some of the supplementary materials that go with them. The four texts are:

  • Recovering the Future (1988)
  • The Foresight Principle (1995)
  • Futures for the Third Millennium (1999) and
  • Futures Beyond Dystopia (2004).

These four books track a personal and collective journey that took place over nearly two decades. Recovering the Future sets out some early themes: education, the futures field, cultural criticism and worldview issues. It might be called ‘early critical’ in its approach and tenor. The same would be true of The Foresight Principle which viewed some of these themes through a prism of three elements: foresight, wisdom and cultural transformation. Next, Futures for the Third Millennium represents a shift to a ‘late critical’ approach since the themes of the book are both broader and deeper. Finally, Futures Beyond Dystopia, demonstrates the ‘transcend and include’ principle of Integral work generally and explores an ‘early Integral’ approach.

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