Futures Thinking for Social Foresight (CD-ROM)


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Futures Thinking for Social Foresight

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Richard A Slaughter with Marcus Bussey

This entry-level book and CD-ROM provide teachers and students with a straightforward overview of, and introduction to, futures studies. Those seeking to help young people develop futures literacy will find numerous practical starting points. The long-term goal is that of creating social foresight. There are five main sections:

1. Mapping Futures Studies – Key concepts
2. Context and Applications
3. Futures Concepts and Related Techniques
4. Methods
5. Futures Thinking for Social Foresight

In addition to these practical and user-friendly sections, there are a number of ‘reflections’ or short pieces that invite deeper consideration. There are numerous diagrams and figures, many of which have been produced especially for these publications.

The CD-ROM also includes several valuable short essays by futures educators, along with a futures glossary and live web links. Overall, Futures Thinking for Social Foresight is accessible and easy to use. Any of the short sections can be printed out as needed.

Overall, the book and CD-ROM of Futures Thinking for Social Foresight provide easy access to some of the best thinking and most useful options available in futures studies and applied foresight. They can be used with students of all ages.

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