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Merchants of Doubt, Oreskes, N. & Conway, E. London, Bloomsbury, 2010 As the scale of the disaster bearing down on humanity and its world becomes ever clearer, so people in many places – especially the poor and underprivileged - will soon be crying ‘how did it come to thi... Read More

The Collapse of Western Civilisation, Columbia Press, NY, 2014 In their previous work Merchants of Doubt (2010) Oreskes and Conway provided a factual, cogent and, in the end, damning analysis of how, beginning in the US, corporate interests successfully took on the scientific com... Read More

The Music of the Mind: An Adventure into Consciousness, Hill of Content, 1994, 186 pp+viii Darryl Reanney's previous book The Death of Forever, was one of those rare books to succeed in weaving a genuinely new synthesis about the place of humankind in the universe. The Music of t... Read More

Future, All That Matters (series), Hodder & Stoughton, London, 2013 Futures Studies in its modern incarnation has been around in one form or another for at least half a century. During that time it developed and evolved into a complex, globe spanning and diverse entity that c... Read More

How Far Do Governments Look Ahead? A Comparative Analysis of the Factors Contributing to the Variance in the Time Horizons of 40 States. Frankfurt, Haag und Herchen, 1989, 163 pages. The futures field is notable for its plurality of perspectives and this sometimes places great de... Read More

Climate Code Red: the Case for Emergency Action, Spratt, D. & Sutton, P. Scribe, Melbourne, 2008 This book has three main sections. Part 1 covers similar ground to Lynas’ work Six Degrees and summarises the scientific evidence for disastrous global warming,... Read More

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