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How the Rich are Destroying the Earth, Sydney, Finch, 2008, 128 pp + xvi A sizable literature seeking to diagnose the global predicament has emerged over the last forty years. But despite this it is clear that our inability to rein in economic growth, reduce our demands on the gl... Read More

Preparing for the 21st Century, Kennedy, P. Harper Collins, London, 1993. 428 pages + xvi As the 1990s wear on and the 21st Century approaches, we may expect to see a two-fold publishing boom. One part of it will address the 20th Century: what was it about, what are the key theme... Read More

Encyclopedia of the Future, G.T. Kurian and G. Molitor (eds), Macmillan, New York, 1996 How do you set about creating an encyclopedia of the future? That was the question facing Graham Molitor back in 1990. He began by co-opting several other leading US futurists onto an editoria... Read More

The Age of Spiritual Machines, Allen & Unwin, St. Leonard’s, 1999. The Invisible Computer, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass, 1999. A series of illustrations intended for cigarette cards (but never used) were painted in Paris in 1899. They attempted to show ‘wha... Read More

Foresight. The Art and Science of Anticipating the Future, Routledge, London, 2009, 282 + xv pp. One of the great discoveries of the modern and post-modern eras is that what we see is an active process that depends very much on the ‘map’ of the world that we adopt and the var... Read More

Full Circle, Black Inc, Melbourne, 2021 When reality doesn’t fit the model, she’s trying to teach us something. Ludlam, 2021 When confronted with a chaotic world from which earlier certainties and ideals seem to have vanished it’s tempting to re-focus on more manageable ... Read More

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