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Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. 384 pp., 2014 Over the last few years many – perhaps most - people have become accustomed to receiving a challenging daily diet of unwelcome news. We hear about the futility of recent wars, the spr... Read More

Predicting the Future, Howe. L. & Wain, A. (Eds.), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1993, 195 pages + v (A$49.95) Mapping the Futures: local cultures, global change, Bird, J., Curtis, B. ,Putnam, T., Robertson, G. and Tickner, L. (Eds.) London, Rout... Read More

The University in Transformation: Global Perspectives on the Futures of the University S. Inayatullah & J. Gidley (eds.) Bergin & Garvey, Westport, Conn., 2000, US$65.00   It is a sign of the times that a vast part of the debate about the futures of universities i... Read More

Prosperity Without Growth – Economics for a Finite Planet, London, Earthscan, 2011  Many of those who attempt to track global change can readily feel overwhelmed by the sheer and ever-increasing amount of information that’s available through multiple channel... Read More

Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, Third Edition. Edited by Judge, A. Union of International Associations, Brussels. K.G. Saur, Postfach 71 10 09, D-8000 Muenchen 70, Germany. 1991. Two volumes, 2,133 pages. US$415 or DM 598. A Meta-linguistic ResourceRead More

 The Inevitable, Viking, New York, April 2016 Is Resistance Futile? “When emergent AI arrives, it will be hidden by its ubiquity”- Kevin Kelly The 1980’s were the heyday of the appropriate technology movement, represented by the advent of the Whole Earth... Read More

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