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Homo Deus, Yuval Harari, Harvil Secker, London, 2015, 428 pp. When a new work of note is published early reviews appear in quality publications, followed by a longer 'tail' of reports elsewhere. Before long many such works fade into obscurity, becoming accessible mainly to stude... Read More

Global Mind Change: the Promise of the Last Years of the Twentieth Century, Willis Harman (Indianapolis, Knowledge Systems Inc/Institute for Noetic Sciences, 1988) 185pp + xx. Future Mind: Artificial Intelligence, Jerome C. Glenn (Washington, D.C., Acropolis Books, ... Read More

The Ecology of Commerce Paul Hawken, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 1993, xvi + 259 pages Many books about the future disappoint because they are founded on inadequate assumptions and fail to grasp the depth and breadth of their subject. However, The Ecology of Commerce call... Read More

New World or No World, Ace, New York, 1970. Four and a half decades ago, in 1970, Frank Herbert, author of the Dune novels, edited a book with the above title. It was by no means the first nor was it the only book devoted to the pressing need for radical change. In fact such work... Read More

Visions of the Future: Why We Need to Teach for Tomorrow Trentham Books, London, 1995 Visions of the Future is one of the most useful additions to the futures education literature in recent years, put out by Trentham in an effective and attractive package. The first couple of ch... Read More

Educating for the Future: A Practical Classroom Guide World Wide Fund for Nature, Godalming, UK, 1994 Dave Hicks is well known to British and Australian educators for his previous work on Peace Studies and World Studies. His earlier books include World Studies 8-13 (Oliver and Bo... Read More

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