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A Brief History of Everything, Shambhala, Boulder, Colorado, & Hill of Content, Melbourne, 1996, pp 339 + xvii For several decades evidence has been mounting that the worldview upon which the industrial system - and hence the entire modern world - is built, is defective. In ... Read More

A Promise of Miracles - Celebrating the Scientific Experience Penguin Books $14.95, 311 pages   Robyn Williams' collection of 59 short pieces: essays, speeches, interviews, reminiscences etc. has something for nearly everyone. Here are meetings with famous people, medita... Read More

Path to Liang Zhi, Katsuhiko Yazaki 124 pages, free, (Kyoto, Future Generations Alliance Foundation, 1994). Edge of the Sacred. Transformation in Australia, David Tacey, xv + 224, A$19.95 (Melbourne, Harper Collins, 1995). Ways of Enspiriting. Transformative... Read More

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