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The Biggest Wake-Up Call in History Suppose that you are watching a foreign language movie with subtitles in your mother tongue. You tend to trust the translator while making sense of the scenario. All of a sudden a professional independent interpreter comes and makes you aware t... Read More

To See With Fresh Eyes - Integral Futures and the Global Emergency. Brief comments by Andy Hines (Futures Program, University of Houston, Texas), Sean Esbjorn-Hargens (Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, Boulder, Colorado, USA), Richard Hames (Wayfinder Project, Bangkok and ... Read More

Review of The Biggest Wake Up Call in History by Richard A. Slaughter, Foresight International, 2010. The Biggest Wake Up Call in History moves the climate change and “the end of the lifestyle we are used to” debates into new territory. Slaughter does not c... Read More

The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies Series Editor Richard A Slaughter Volume 1 Foundations; Volume 2 Organisations Practices Products; Volume 3 Directions and Outlooks. ISBN 0 9586654 0 0 (set). Futures Study Centre, Kew, VIC., Australia. 1996. Reviewed by Yvonne Curt... Read More

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