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Praying (and Working) for Time.  Review of The Biggest Wake-Up Call in History These days it is quite common that books include appealing remarks on the back cover; slogans like: “a must read!”, “the book of the decade!”, “ an instant classic” and other such variatio... Read More

Cultural Recovery in the 21st Century - A Review of The Foresight Principle by Richard A. Slaughter, Adamantine Studies on the 21st Century, Adamantine Press Limited, 1995, 232 pages. We live in a world where the immediate struggles of basic s... Read More

Education for the 21st century Headley Beare and Richard Slaughter, Routledge, UK, 1993.   Educators who are in touch with students must be disturbed frequently by the fears, gloom and pessimism expressed by many young people about the... Read More

The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies - A Global Overview of Futures Studies Authoritative reference work covers past, present, and future of futures studies. With some 40 authors discussing complex issues and ideas, a breezy writing style is not to be expected. But Richard Sl... Read More

The Foresight Principle: Cultural Recovery in the 21st Century. Richard A. Slaughter. London: Adamantine Press Limited, 1995 The meet has been a long one; the best swimmers were stacked forward; the score is tied; the last race is called; the Mullets have to score in order for o... Read More

Futures Beyond Dystopia – Creating Social Foresight Reviewed by Lynn Elen Burton Slaughter, Richard A. Futures Beyond Dystopia : Creating Social Foresight. RoutledgeFalmer Publishers: New York, 2004. Abstract Believing that the motivat... Read More

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