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The Future of Futures Studies. Futures for the Third Millennium: Enabling the Forward View Reviewed by Graham May, Foresight vol. 2 no. 4. August, 2000 (To open click here)... Read More

Visions of the Future: Why We Need to Teach for Tomorrow Trentham Books, London, 1995 Visions of the Future is one of the most useful additions to the futures education literature in recent years, put out by Trentham in an effective and attractive package. The first couple of ch... Read More

Futures Beyond Dystopia: Creating Social Foresight The following reviews are only available in pdf hence are provided in a different format than most others here. Booked on the Titanic. A Review of Futures Beyond Dystopia, Ian Lowe, Griffith University, Brisbane, 2004. (To open click here) ... Read More

The Foresight Principle - Cultural Recovery in the 21st Century Thematic and conceptual summary by Jan Lee Martin (To open click here) Author reflections on writing The Foresight Principle (To open click here)  ... Read More

The Biggest Wake-Up Call in History The human race is challenged as never before. We are in the middle of a planetary emergency with ‘no simple solutions, no easy exits’. The only way forward is to deal with it otherwise our children will be condemned to a diminished and unli... Read More

Education for the 21st Century Hedley Beare and Richard Slaughter. London: Routledge, 1993. 180 pages. Index. $39.95 (hardback). Professor Hedley Beare and Dr Richard Slaughter are members of the Department of Policy, Context and Evaluation Studies in the University of Melbour... Read More

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