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Part One: The Great Acceleration Amongst the devastation of Covid-19 and while many people are still fighting for their lives, others are developing proposals for ‘doing things differently’ when the present threat has passed. Issues concerning health, well-being and preparedn... Read More

The following piece by Valerie Braithwaite echoes the theme of the previous News post. It is a moving personal account of the upheaval that occurred in a small coastal town in NSW when confronted with devastating bushfires. It was written immediately afterwards and powerfully conveys something of th... Read More

Bushfires are commonplace in Australia and have been for many years. But they’ve recently reached new levels of intensity. They started early this year and become widespread long before the official ‘fire season’ was supposed to arrive. This time, however, the impacts and implications are no l... Read More

Have you ever felt that at some level you’re ‘out of sync’ with the mainstream? By that I mean you’re aware of the aridity of the political scene, the shrinking of the public sphere to entertainment, consumption and sport, the never-ending din from commercial interests and the way that the c... Read More

I've recently been clearing out old files and discarding redundant material. Our recycling bin has seldom been so full of old paper. Yet I've also rediscovered valuable items that had fallen out of sight. They include letters from old colleagues and friends, short items I'd written for now-forgotten... Read More

Of all the ideas put forward by Karl Marx one that has always resonated with me is his view that people are 'authors' of their society yet have forgotten their authorship. In one sense this is unexceptional. Not everyone has the time, opportunity or breadth of mind to appreciate the social construct... Read More

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