The Integral Futures Controversy


Abhorrence of an Idea

JITP_6_2_2011_IF_Controv_smallThe response to Fodor among evolutionary thinkers has been derision and awkwardness. Philosopher Daniel Dennet said, via email: “Jerry Fodor’s book is a stunning demonstration of how abhorrence of an idea (Jerry’s visceral dislike of evolutionary thinking) can derange an otherwise clever thinker … a responsible academic is supposed to be able to control irrational impulses, [but] Fodor has simply collapsed in the face of his dread and composed some dreadfully bad arguments.” What Darwin Got Wrong, Dennett concludes, is “a book that so transparently misconstrues its target that it would be laughable were it not such dangerous mischief.”

Excerpt from Revolution in Evolution, Oliver Burkeman, Weekly Review, The Guardian Weekly, 2nd March, 2010, p. 27.


An Introduction to the Controversy,  (Richard Slaughter,  Journal of Integral Theory and Practice 6, 2, 2011 105-11) (To open click here)

Futures and the Future: an Integral Response to Epistemological Pluralism in Futures Studies (Dennis Morgan, JITP 6, 2, 2011 112-134) (To open click here)

Postformal-Integral-Planetary Scholarship: Insights from the Integral Futures Controversy (Dana Klisanin, JITP 6, 2, 2011 149-156) (To open click here)