Readings in Integral Futures


Integrating the future by Ken Wilber (2012) (To open click here) A straightforward and concise introduction to the significance of futures.

An overview of Integral theory by Sean Hargens (2009) (To open click here) A detailed and authoritative account by a leading proponent.

The evolution of integral futures by Terry Collins & Andy Hines (2010) (To open click here) This is a fine general introduction that indicates something of the early spread and up-take of IF.

Towards integral futures by Richard Slaughter (2004) (To open click here) Chapter 11 from Futures Beyond Dystopia: Creating Social Foresight, London, Routledge.

Integral futures methdologies by Richard Slaughter (2008) (To open click here) Editorial introduction to special issue of Futures. (Also see the page on the Integral Futures Controversy, below.)

What difference does integral make? by Richard Slaughter (2008) (To open click here) Review of impacts and implications for futures methods and approaches. (Also see the page on the Integral Futures Controversy, below.)


Integral futures by Richard Slaughter (2012) (To open click here) This concise and beautifully laid out piece was included in The Future of Futures, published by the Association of Professional Futurists.

A new framework for environmental scanning by Richard Slaughter (2000) (To open click here) An early example of how integral concepts can be used to refresh and extend a core existing futures method.

Knowledge creation, futures methodologies and the integral agenda by Richard Slaughter (2001) (To open click here)

Integral futures: a new era for futures practitioners by Richard Slaughter (2005) This paper outlines what may be a new stage in the development of Futures Studies (FS) and applied foresight. It notes a progression from forecasting and scenarios in earlier years to a social construction phase and, more recently, another described as Integral Futures. (Read more…)

Beyond the threshold: using climate change literature to support climate change response by Richard Slaughter(2009) (To open click here) Application of integral methods to dealing with climate change.

Beyond the threshold: overviews of 14 climate change related works by Richard Slaughter (2009) (To open click here) In-depth literature review.

Future schools of thought within the integral framework by Dennis Morgan (2009) (To open click here)

Civilisational futures within the integral futures framework: the plural quadrants by Dennis Morgan (2010) (To open click here)

The application of integral theory to futures studies by Dennis Morgan (2011) (To open click here)

Beyond the global emergency: Integral futures and the search for clarity by Richard Slaughter (2015) (To open click here)

To See With Fresh Eyes: Integral Futures and the Global Emergency (2012)

TSWFE_Cover4_smallForeword by Andy Hines here.

Introduction by Richard Slaughter

Throughout my career as a Futurist / foresight practitioner it never occurred to me that I’d one day assemble a book on Integral Futures. For most of that time I was far too busy travelling, writing, editing and working with and for various organisations in Australia and overseas. More recently, however, a number of people have encouraged me to take a fresh look at the trajectory of that work and to consider making some of it available to a new generation of scholars and practitioners. In this introduction I provide a brief account of the context and process that led to this point, along with an overview of the book itself . Read more…

Making headway during impossible times by Richard Slaughter (2012). This paper was first published in The Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 7, 3, 2012, 128-138, by the MetaIntegral Foundation, Sebastapol, CA. This version appeared in Slaughter, R. To See With Fresh Eyes: Integral Futures and the Global Emergency, Foresight International, Brisbane, 2012, chapter 15. (To open click here)

Making headway during impossible times (Revised version, 2022). Continue reading

There follows a paper from the Finnish journal Approaching Religion, Vol 5 No 2, November 2015. It was written by JP Jakonen and Matti Kamppinen. I’m grateful to the authors and publisher for permission to reproduce it here. The paper picks up a number of core concepts from To See With Fresh Eyes. Here is part of the introduction.

Systemic or integral frameworks are needed not only in our projects of creating knowledge and understanding, but also in our attempts to change the world, to make better futures. Transcending the flatland of one-dimensional materiality is pivotal in business, politics and everyday life. Therefore it is understandable that Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory has inspired not only those who wish to cultivate understanding, but also those who have the agenda of creating better futures for human organizations, societies or workplaces. In this article we will first look at the contribution of the futurist Richard Slaughter, who has utilized Wilber’s insights on spirituality in his foresight concepts and practice. Read more…

Finally (for now) here is an example of a paper in which concepts from integral futures are seamlessly included within a broader narrative. The paper is: What in the World? Storyworlds, Science Fiction, and Futures Studies by Peter von Stackelberg and Alex McDowell. It was published in the Journal of Futures Studies, 20, 2, 2015 pp. 25-46. Part of the abstract is as follows:

This article looks at how futures studies can use storyworlds to address some of the challenges the field faces. It provides an overview of social constructionism, integral theory/integral futures, and sense making in the context of the current evolution of futures methodologies. This article also examines the role of narratives generally and science fiction in particular in exploring and communicating about the future. (Read more)